Listing Details:

  • Price:                                          $350,000
  • Gross Revenue:                   $934,800
  • SDE:                                              $113,392    
  •  Location                                     U.S.
  • Support & Training:            6 weeks
  • Reason for Selling:             Core Business Focus


Business Description:

This national online pet supply, horse and other small animal retailer is part of a very well known and successful large animal supply distribution company. They started this division of the company in 2015 to expand their business. Now, after 6 years of growing the business, they have decided to focus their energy on their core business.
The company is selling the name, customer list, web addresses and proven processes. The new owner would supply their own warehouse and staff. Not included in the asking price would be the software to run and operate the business. The current owner is eager to assist the Purchaser to either operate on the same platforms that the company is currently operating on or work to transition to the systems that the new owner might already have or would like to use.


Business History:

In the first few years of the company’s existence management focused on growing sales volume and was not concentrating on profitability. Over their last two years profitability was generated to a moderate degree. This was achieved by focusing on customers, products and sales channels that generated the highest return.


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